Bravo, readers of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living, you sure know how to handle the pressure when it is placed on you! In our June 2012 issue we presented you with a challenge: to find the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the grandest of the grand. We were looking for the Best of the City, and it required hard work and dedication to find what is the best of the best in nine different categories. We needed you to be up for the challenge, because this was more than just picking places that were good. Nope! We needed you to scour our city until you found places that went beyond impressive, beyond remarkable and slipped full on into the “oh my goodness the heavens parted and angles sang” category. You ate, you dined, you played, you interviewed, you embraced, you embarked and you partook. The work was hard, demanding and all encompassing, but you delivered. We now know, with absolute certainty, what makes Spokane one of the best cities in which to live. Let us explain it to you in 121 ways….



Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar

Multiple locations,

Twigs weighs in as a ‘Best Of’ juggernaut with three golds again this year. Twigs is your ‘go to’ spot for a mean Manhattan, Well-Mannered Dirty Martini or Ultimate Lemon Drop. It doesn’t hurt that you can also order Calamari A La Romana, Moroccan Beef, Gorgonzola Cream Fries, or Argentinean Fish Tacos at any one of the five Twigs locations locally. You also love their salad line-up: Toasted Pecan, Orange Chicken, Pear and Roasted Beet, and Bistro Steak. (KF)


Appetizers SILVER: Clinkerdagger

Appetizers BRONZE: Wild Sage Bistro

Appetizers IDAHO: Seasons of Coeur d’Alene


Salad SILVER: Luna

Salad BRONZE: Lindaman’s

Salad IDAHO: Beverly’s Restaurant at the Coeur d’Alene Resort


Cocktails and Martinis SILVER: Bon Bon

Cocktails and Martinis BRONZE: Bistango Martini Lounge

Cocktails and Martinis IDAHO: Seasons of Coeur d’Alene




The Golden Corral

7117 North Division Street,

It is in the name. The Golden Corral takes the top buffet spot again this year. Don’t expect “foofy” food or molecular gastronomy, but if you have a hollow leg, head into the Corral for all-you-care-to-eat at the Hot Bar, Cold Bar, Soup and Potato Bar, Brass Bell Bakery, or the Sunrise Breakfast Bar. (KF)


SILVER: River’s Edge Buffet at Northern Quest Casino

BRONZE: Timber Creek Grill Buffet

IDAHO: High Mountain Buffet at the Coeur d’Alene Casino




China Dragon Restaurant

27 East Queen

This year China Dragon regains its top spot in your hearts. The restaurant sits just off of Division, north of Northtown Mall, and the slightly shabby chic dining room looks like the set of a Kung Fu movie. For years, China Dragon has served up the right combination of comfort and exotic with its classic Chinese-American dishes, like Almond Chicken and Sweet and Sour Pork done Dragon style. (KF)


SILVER: Ding How

BRONZE: Chan’s Dragon Inn

IDAHO: Canton Asian Restaurant





621 Mallon Ave.,

We call it north bank domination. 2012 is year six in Clickerdagger’s reign as your first choice for an elegant meal out. This fine dining powerhouse also racked up top honors for Best Dessert, Happy Hour and Outdoor Dining. We suspect over 40 years of memories, slow-roasted rock-salt Prime Rib, that addictive pea salad, Happy Hour deals and a towering view over the river contributed to Clinkerdagger’s winning streak. (KF)


Fine Dining SILVER: Wild Sage

Fine Dining BRONZE: Santé Restaurant and Charcuterie

Fine Dining IDAHO: Beverly’s Restaurant at the Coeur d’Alene Resort


Dessert SILVER: Just American Desserts

Dessert BRONZE: Europa Restaurant & Bakery

Dessert IDAHO: Dockside at the Coeur d’Alene Resort


Happy Hour SILVER: Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar

Happy Hour BRONZE: Steam Plant Grill

Happy Hour IDAHO: Iron Horse Bar and Grill


Outdoor Dining SILVER: Anthony’s at Spokane Falls

Outdoor Dining BRONZE: Elk Public House

Outdoor Dining IDAHO: Whispers at the Coeur d’Alene Resort



Frank’s Diner

Multiple locations,
In Spokane the word “diner” is now synonymous with “Frank’s.” It certainly has something to do with the nostalgically cramped quarters of Frank’s train cars downtown and up north. Yet equally convincing to you is the combination of classic comfort food balanced out with a number of creative (but still hearty) entrées, like the Spicy Rock Crab and Lobster Omelette. With breakfast, always go for the gravy or the Creole hollandaise. (KF)


SILVER: Satellite Diner
BRONZE: Knight’s Diner
IDAHO: Elmer’s Restaurant




Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Multiple locations,

Two years in a row now Five Guys has raked in top honors for their juicy and endless customizable burgers. Your vote might also have been influenced by the house-made fries sourced from regional growers and the effective Five Guys’ guerrilla marketing campaign based on enthusiastic reviews slapped up on every wall of each store. (KF)


SILVER: Hogan’s Diner

BRONZE: D Lish’s Hamburgers

IDAHO: Hudson’s Hamburgers





Wild Sage Bistro

916 West 2nd Ave.,

There is Happy Hour and then there is Happy Hour Food. We think just getting snockered on cheap booze is passé. What you really want is great food and a scratch cocktail or two. For this you need to beat down the door of Wild Sage, which serves up great cocktails with some, dare we say it, amazing food. The Potato Taquitos alone are worth their weight in gold. Order them now – Happy Hour or not. (KF)


SILVER: Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar


IDAHO: Scratch Restaurant and Lounge




Top of India

11114 East Sprague Ave.,

Top of India doesn’t look like much from the outside as you whip by on East Sprague, but you will be stunned when you step in the doors and see the sleek interior remodel completed this summer. The $9.99 lunch buffet is well stocked and the kitchen turns out authentic Indian classics, including many from their Tandoor (a traditional clay oven). (KF)


SILVER: Taste of India

BRONZE: Taaj Indian Cuisine

IDAHO: Mongolian BBQ




The Italian Kitchen

113 N Bernard Street,

The Italian Kitchen holds onto the gold for best Italian for a second year. Local owners Bryce and Lyndsay Kerr have collected awards for great food not just from local publications, but regional and nation ones as well. Also stunning is the rich wood décor throughout the restaurant. (KF)


SILVER: Tomato Street Italian Restaurant

BRONZE: Luigi’s Italian Restaurant

IDAHO: Angelo’s Ristorante




Suki Yaki Inn

119 North Bernard Street 

The Suki Yaki Inn is old school. It opened for the world’s fair here in the 1970s and the current owner was on the staff the year the restaurant opened. Without a doubt the Suki Yaki would be our pick for the set of a Quentin Tarantino movie in Spokane, and you voted it tops not just for ambiance, but for food. (KF)


SILVER: Sushi Yama

BRONZE: Ding How

IDAHO: Syringa Japanese Café & Sushi Restaurant



Wake Up Call

Multiple Locations,

Wake Up Call’s four signature red phone booth shops got the local coffee shop gold this year. Is it drive-up convenience? The eye-catching red booths? The fact that they only serve coffee made from the top two percent of the world’s varietals? You know the answer. Though for the record, we think your quad-shot mochas are just an addiction rather than any crusade to better the lives of the coffee farmers in Ethiopia and Costa Rica! (KF)


SILVER: Rocket Bakery

BRONZE: Dutch Bros. Coffee

IDAHO: Java on Sherman





Victor’s Hummus

Sold in local stores,

There is a good chance you gave Victor the gold for his hummus after you talked to him personally in a local supermarket. That’s where he hands out samples of his locally produced spread that features organic garbanzo beans. We love his Toasted Sesame version, but you also can head in the Nutella direction with his Chocolate H’Mousse™.


SILVER: Litehouse Foods

BRONZE: Bruttle’s Candy Shop

IDAHO: Coeur d’Alene Olive Oil Company




Azteca Mexican Restaurant

Multiple locations,

Unbeatable in the top spot for Mexican food for years, the Ramos family juggernaut started in Seattle in 1974. We miss the novella style history of the four founding brothers that was taken down from their website, but if we had to guess, we think the reason you keep giving Azteca gold has little to do with their online image and more to do with their fresh tortillas, Chile Relenos, and Grandma Carmerina’s Arroz Con Pollo. (KF)


SILVER: Casa de Oro

BRONZE: Rancho Chico

IDAHO: Toro Viejo




Manito Tap House

3011 South Grand Blvd.,

Opened just a year ago, the Manito Tap House combines creative pub fare in a hip space with a high tech cooler that holds 50 beers on tap. Ordering the six beer sampler is almost a requirement here. Owner and manager Patrick McPherson has great instincts and the crowds out the door are the real gold for this gastropub. (KF)


New Restaurant SILVER: Clover

New Restaurant BRONZE: Casper Fry

New Restaurant IDAHO: Fire Artisan Pizza


Beer List SILVER: The Viking

Beer List BRONZE: Waddell’s

Beer List IDAHO: Capone’s Pub and Grill




Pho Van

2909 North Division Street

Pho (properly pronounced ‘fuuh’) is the one Vietnamese dish that has captured the imagination of Americans more than any other, and Pho Van has taken an old Pizza Hut on North Division and turned it into a sleek space that serves up massive bowls of both the dominate beef broth option and Pho Ga (the Vietnamese version of chicken noodle soup). Either are perfect for slurping down as the weather cools off. (KF)


SILVER: Vina Asian Restaurant

BRONZE: Pho Thinh

IDAHO: Pho Thanh & Cafe




David’s Pizza

2911 East 57th Ave.,

After almost 14 years in the heart of the university district, David’s original shop in a converted gas station is gone. Kaput. But you can get your fix at the airport on the way to terminals A and B or up at Famous Ed’s on the South Hill until their new store front on the near northside opens up. We can’t wait! (KF)


SILVER: Round Table Pizza

BRONZE: Bennidito’s Pizza

IDAHO: Fire Artisan Pizza




Milford’s Fish House

719 North Monroe Street,

Serving up fresh fish and seafood since 1979, Milford’s Fish House is a local icon, just a cast or two from the courthouse. Jerry Young is the chef and owner who has been the magic behind the menu for over three decades, and that magic spans the globe. Slip in for dinner and you will be offered a menu that offers both classic dishes as well as Cajun, Korean and Thai preparations. We love Young’s calamari and plenty more. (KF)


SILVER: Anthony’s at Spokane Falls

BRONZE: Red Lobster

IDAHO: Fisherman’s Market & Grill




Churchill’s Steakhouse

165 South Post Street,

Everyone has an opinion about big hunks of meat, and this year you crowned Churchill’s as the winner in the unending battle for local steak supremacy. Churchill’s does put on a great show, offer great cuts of aged Prime beef, and gets bonus points for a dark and intimate basement bar and a burger made with Prime beef that is ground in-house. (KF)


SILVER: Spencer’s For Steaks and Chops

BRONZE: Wolf Creek Steakhouse

IDAHO: Wolf Lodge Inn Steakhouse




430 West Main Ave.,

We’ve fussed about the name for years, but the sushi at has been consistently worth a return trip, and you say this is your top spot for raw fish locally this year. The downtown location is central, there is plenty of space for large parties, and they offer a number of unique rolls, like the Harley-Davidson roll and the even more unusual broiler-melted Montana roll. (KF)


SILVER: Sushi Yama

Bronze: The Wave Island Sports Grill and Sushi Bar

IDAHO: Syringa Japanese Café and Sushi Restaurant





214 N Howard Street,

Few people admitted publically that they didn’t eat meat in 1996, when Mizuna opened with a completely vegetarian menu. The fact that the restaurant remains a mecca for the herbavores among us is a testament not only to plant power but to some mean kitchen chops by the chefs who have lead the kitchen since then. Mizuna today remains committed to serving delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine even as the menu has become “flexitarian” with fresh fish or organic and hormone-free meats. Separate cooking surfaces are used for all meat products. (KF)


SILVER: HuHot Mongolian Grill


IDAHO: Pita Pit




O’Doherty’s Irish Grille

Multiple Locations,

The luck of the Irish comes through again. Tim and Sam O’Doherty will gladly serve you a Butte Pastie, a Hooligan and Hannigan, or Bangers and Mash (a personal favorite of ours). Or go for the Fish-n-Chips in a Guinness beer batter. (KF)

SILVER: The Elk Public House

BRONZE: Manito Tap House

IDAHO: Capone’s Pub & Grill




Santorini’s Greek Cuisine

112 North Howard Street 

Tucked behind Spokane’s landmark Parkade, family-owned Santorini’s is your gold standard this year for Greek cuisine. It might be that your votes reflect the family’s execution of familiar items such as gyros, a competent Greek salad, hummus, olives and baklava. Or maybe what won your heart were the spanakopita, moussaka and saganaki. We want to order the saganaki just so we can say the word. (KF)


SILVER: Azar’s Restaurant

BRONZE: The West Wing

IDAHO: The White House Grill



Rocket Bakery

Multiple locations,

The multiple Rocket locations again this year take Bakery gold for their classic pastries that have a spot in your heart (and possibly around your waist). We confess to eating more than our share of triple berry scones, pumpkin bread, pink sugar cookies and muffins with some serious bran. (KF).


SILVER: Le Petit Chat Village Bakery

BRONZE: Great Harvest Bread Company

IDAHO: Pastry and More




Longhorn BBQ

7611 West Sunset Highway and 2315 North Argonne Road,

We like history, and BBQ is all about history. Over 60 years ago the original Longhorn crew came north from Texas to Spokane to introduce locals to their ribs, chicken, German sausage, beef, ham and ‘zesty’ pork. This tasty history makes you very happy to this day and brings in another gold for the Longhorn and their signature sauce. Stop in and thank them for “tending the pits since ‘56” in person and make sure you have plenty of wet naps. (KF)


SILVER: Red Lion BBQ & Pub

BRONZE: Chicken-N-More

IDAHO: Texas Roadhouse




Old European Restaurant

Multiple locations,

When it comes to breakfast, you handed the gold again to the Old European. We hope this was in honor of Marie Mekkelsen’s Danish aebelskievers – our favorite pancake cannon-balls – or the mountain of breakfast that goes by the name Hungarian Goulash with shredded potatoes, peppers, onions, ham, sausage, bacon and four eggs topped with cheddar cheese and fresh tomatoes. (KF)


SILVER: Frank’s Diner


IDAHO: The Garnet Cafe



Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar

Multiple locations,

Is it happier the second time around? If so, Twigs patrons must be deliriously joyful as this locally-owned establishment has two happy hours: one early and one late. Both of these gleeful times boast $4 glasses of Chardonnay and Cabernet. The coveted wine list features a good selection of local pours waiting to be paired perfectly with their creative cuisine. (LR)


BRONZE: Churchill’s Steakhouse

IDAHO: The Wine Cellar


Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

4705 North Fruit Hill Road,

One of the most picturesque destination wineries anywhere is also one of Washington State’s oldest. At Arbor Crest you can expect awe inspiring views, magnificent gardens and romantic Tuscan inspired buildings—and then there’s the wine. Recently released winemaker namesake label van Löben Sels is receiving rave reviews proving even one of the oldest Washington wineries can still learn new tricks. (LR)

SILVER: Barrister Winery

BRONZE: Townshend Cellar

IDAHO: Coeur d’Alene Cellars




Froyo Earth

Multiple Locations,

Starting with its first store at Division and 2nd, Froyo Earth is expanding to conquer the Inland Northwest, one self-serve, eco-friendly, cup of Cake Batter yogurt (our favorite) at a time. Samples are free and there are enough toppings to make kids of any age giddy. (KF)


SILVER: Blu Berry Frozen Yogurt

BRONZE: Didier’s Yogurt & More

IDAHO: Roger’s Ice Cream and Burgers




Cyrus O’Leary’s

After more than three decades in the business, steadily declining sales led to the close of Cyrus O’Leary’s last September. Loyal customers turned out en force during the restaurant’s final weekend, packing the restaurant that was a Spokane institution on 516 W. Main Avenue, and marking the end of an era. (SH)


SILVER: Niko’s Greek Restaurant & Wine Bar

BRONZE: Old Country Buffet

IDAHO: Hot Rod Café









David Condon

David Condon is a breath of fresh “m-air” who hit the ground running, making tough decisions and shaking things up in our fair city. The youngest of nine, this city official was raised in Spokane, studied at Boston College and returned home to finally rule the roost. Call it the revenge of the little brother. (LR)

SILVER: Kevin Parker

BRONZE: Ben Stuckart

IDAHO: Sandi Bloem


Ellen Travolta

Many people will know Ellen Travolta from such hit TV shows as Happy Days or CharlesinCharge, or they may know her know her as John Travolta’s sister, but to Inland Northwest locals she is best known for her starring roles in our very own Coeur d’ Alene Summer Theater. (RS)

SILVER: David Gigler (posthumous)

BRONZE: Sophia Caruso




Kathleen Cavender

Fourth-generation professional artist and Washington native Kathleen Cavender creates landscapes that are soothing yet provoking, rich in color and full of light. As she writes on her website, “There is an effort on my part to convey deeper truth…beyond the physical, beyond what appears to be a simple landscape or portrait.” (SH)


SILVER: Harold Balazs

BRONZE: Kay O’Rourke

IDAHO: Stephen Shortridge



Sammy Eubanks

Sammy Eubanks is perhaps the most well-decorated musician in the Inland Northwest. Offering a distinctive blend of blues, country and rock-and-roll classics, and originals, Sammy and friends bring together Americana sound with quirky and talented personality. Currently on tour, Sammy Eubanks will be back in Spokane December 22nd for a “Blue Christmas” show at the Knitting Factory. (KC)

SILVER: Cronkites

BRONZE: 6 Foot Swing

IDAHO: Kelly Hughes Band


Walt Worthy

Walt and his wife, Karen, are collectors. But instead of baseball cards or PEZ dispensers, the Worthys collect hotels. They are the dynamic duo behind the restoration of the treasured Davenport Hotel and its glamorous younger sister, The Davenport Tower. Then, they went on to pick up the classy little Hotel Lusso. But it doesn’t stop there, as the couple recently announced a new 700-room hotel to be built across from the Convention Center. (LR)

SILVER: Gerald Dicker

BRONZE: Kevin Parker

IDAHO: Duane Hagadone


Jess Walter

Eastern Washington University alumnus, Jess Walter, is a career journalist with prestigious media outlets like Newsweek, The Washington Post and the Boston Globe on his resume. But it’s his five world famous novels published in over 15 countries that get him this award. He resides in Spokane with his wife Anne and children. (RS)

SILVER: Sherry Jones

BRONZE: Reed McColm


Cheryl-Anne Millsap

A Spokane writer whose topics range from family matters at home to travels around the world, Cheryl-Anne Millsap finds the beauty, significance and humor in the every day. Her writing regularly appears in her travel column in Spokane CDA Woman magazine (our sister publication) and the Spokesman-Review’s Home Planet blog. (SH)


SILVER: Tony Bamonte

BRONZE: Timothy Egan


Stephanie Vigil, KHQ

Gracing the evening news desk at KHQ Channel 6 News, Stephanie Vigil has been a member of the KHQ team since 1997. An Edward R. Murrow and Emmy Award winning journalist, Stephanie currently anchors the 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 11:00 p.m. newcasts, and FOX First at Ten on weeknights. Whew! She also leads a number of fundraising and awareness campaigns. (KC)

SILVER: Nadine Woodward, KXLY

BRONZE: Shelley Monahan, KHQ


Randy Shaw, KREM

We pretty much have a long-term-relationship (LTR) with Randy Shaw. As a newscaster, Shaw has been coming in loud and clear in to our homes for more than 20 years. With one of the area’s most recognizable voices, he’s like family. But unless you’re really know him, it would be weird to include him in your family gatherings! (LR)

SILVER: Dan Kleckner, KHQ

BRONZE: Mike Gonzalez, KXLY


Dean Davis Photography

216 W. Pacific, Suite 102,

Success for local photographer Dean Davis is not measured in awards and trophies (although he has his fair share of them); instead, he thrives on exceeding his client’s expectations. Having spent time all over the world, Dean brings a fresh and unique perspective to his photos. (RS)

SILVER: Diane Maehl Photography

BRONZE: Chris Wooley

IDAHO: Quicksilver Studios



Dave, Ken, and Molly, 92.9, KZZU

Repeat winners Dave, Ken and Molly have a morning team that can’t be beat! Tune in to 92.9 from 6 to 10 on weekday mornings for their candid banter, pop culture discussions, and competitions like “Win Dave’s Money,” “Buzz Word,” and “Know the Show.” (SH)


SILVER: The Jay and Kevin Show, 99.9, Coyote Country

BRONZE: The Radiomen, 98.9, KKZX


Abbey Crawford

Lead vocalist for Hot Club of Spokane, a traditional yet edgy jazz group, Abbey Crawford is the area’s only trained cabaret singer. Abbey studied cabaret at Yale University and has since performed locally and nationally as an actress and singer. Recognized as the hottest jazz vocalist in Spokane, she also teaches cabaret, performs solo, and writes and directs shows. (KC)

SILVER: Sammy Eubanks

BRONZE: Cheyenne Country Band

IDAHO: Kelly Hughes Band


Dennis Patchin, KXLY

We’re thinking sports junkie Dennis Patchin uses sports metaphors a lot. Patchin lives and breathes the game…every game, considering he has been reporting the score at KXLY since 1984. If it’s a sport, he’s covered it. But his favorite team is his home team: wife Dorothy and their children Christopher, Matthew and Lauren. (LR)

SILVER: Derek Deis, KXLY

BRONZE: Michelle Dapper, KHQ


Tom Sherry, KREM

Whether it’s reporting on perfect summer days or severe winter storms, KREM2’s Chief Meteorologist, Tom Sherry, has earned a solid reputation with Spokane locals. As a member of the American Meteorological Society and 22 years of experience in the Inland Northwest, Tom has become a weather source we can trust. Plus, we love Tom’s Turkey Drive! (RS)

SILVER: Kris Crocker, KXLY

BRONZE: Mark Peterson, KXLY





Spokane’s three-on-three basketball tournament is the biggest in the world: in 2012 alone, there were a whopping 7,090 teams playing on 456 courts over 42 city blocks. Whether you prefer to shoot around, park yourself at Center Court, or just gawk at the masses who turn out each June, there’s something for everyone at this yearly two-day event. (SH)


SILVER: Bloomsday

BRONZE: Pig Out in the Park

IDAHO: Art on the Green


Epicurean Delight

Epicurean Delight is Spokane’s premier charity gala benefitting local health care. Instituted in 1980, this yearly black-tie event showcases award-winning local cuisine and libations, a generously stocked raffle and dancing. Donations from this year’s gala – held November 9th and featuring over 60 wineries, breweries and restaurants – will benefit the Inland Northwest Blood Center.(KC)

SILVER: The Pumpkin Ball

BRONZE: Coaches vs. Cancer

IDAHO: Coeur d’Alene Festival of Trees


The Coeur d’Alene Resort

115 S. 2nd St., Coeur d’Alene, ID,

Take your staycation up a notch by staying at this premier resort on the pristine Lake Coeur d’Alene. The posh resort recently had a facelift and it’s safe to say the makeover was successful. It’s even more stunning. For those of us without a lake place, we’re suggesting you claim this one. Great restaurants, a spectacular spa, water-sports, golf and inspiring lake views. Beats roughing it at a campsite any day. (LR)

SILVER: Priest Lake

BRONZE: Silverwood Theme Park


The Coeur d’Alene Resort

115 S. 2nd St., Coeur d’Alene, ID,

With its world-renowned golf course, luxury accommodations and breathtaking views, The Coeur d’Alene Resort has firmly put our neck of the woods on the map. Visitors from all over come to experience this beautiful hotel and the luxurious slice of Inland Northwest life that it offers. (RS)

SILVER: Hill’s Resort

BRONZE: Elkins Resort



Silver Mountain Resort

610 Bunker Avenue, Kellogg, ID,

Outdoor enthusiasts flock to Silver Mountain for everything from skiing and snowboarding to hiking, mountain biking and boating. A stay at the resort puts you in the heart of the action—plus, it’s home to Idaho’s largest indoor water park, Silver Rapids. (SH)


SILVER: Schweitzer Mountain Resort

BRONZE: Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park


Mayor David Condon Elected

Following a rollercoaster campaign against incumbent Mary Verner, David Condon was elected as mayor of the City of Spokane in November 2011. Formerly the Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. Congresswoman McMorris-Rodgers, Condon is a native of Spokane and a retired captain in the Medical Services Corps. The mayor is currently focusing on finding local solutions to make Spokane stronger. (KC)

SILVER: Otto Zehm Case resolved

BRONZE: Hoopfest


Spokane police no longer investigate property crimes

We’ve known this one since playground days: don’t take something that’s not yours! The recess monitor didn’t look the other way and neither should our police officers. It’s a crime not to investigate property crimes. (LR)

SILVER: Troubles at the MAC (firings and re-hiring)

BRONZE: Police shootings


MarQuee Lounge

522 W Riverside,

Spokane’s premier dance club, The MarQuee, is a London-style, two-story bar with all the elements you’d find in a bigger city. When it comes time to kick back and have a good time, the MarQuee’s prestigious VIP areas are the place to go. Enjoy modern decor, perfectly concocted drinks, a full dance floor and outstanding service! (RS)


BRONZE: Irv’s Bar

IDAHO: Iron Horse Bar & Grill



Northern Quest Resort & Casino

100 North Hayford Road, www.

Double down on good times at Northern Quest Resort & Casino, where you can go all-in at the poker table, have a terrific meal, check out a concert and sleep it all off in the hotel, which is AAA-rated with an impressive four diamonds. (SH)


SILVER: Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort

BRONZE: Lilac Lanes & Casino


Lilac Lanes & Casino

1112 East Magnesium Road,

Located in North Spokane, Lilac Lanes & Casino houses 32 lanes for bowling and a full pro shop to stock up on all your bowling needs. With full service dining, a relaxing lounge, casino, and poker room, Lilac Lanes has something for everyone, including accommodations for large parties, and cosmic bowling on Friday nights. (KC)

SILVER: Hugos on the Hill

BRONZE: North Bowl

IDAHO: Triple Play


Tinman Gallery

811 West Garland Avenue,

This intimate gallery considers the written word to be art. Featured among the paintings, sculptures and pottery are books. The gallery is a bookstore. The bookstore is a gallery. Either way you look at it, it’s worth frequenting and a great place to discover regional art. (LR)


BRONZE: Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture (MAC)

IDAHO: Art Spirit Gallery of Fine Art


The Coeur d’Alene Resort Golf Course

115 S. 2nd St., Coeur d’Alene, ID,

The Coeur d’Alene Resort Gold course has been called “America’s Greatest Golf Experience” and for good reason! Located on the banks of Lake Coeur d’ Alene, this course not only has amazing views, it’s also known as one of the most well designed golf courses in the country, challenging pros and amateurs alike. (RS)

SILVER: Downriver Golf Course

BRONZE: Circling Raven Golf Course



Silverwood Theme Park

27843 U.S. 95, Athol, ID;

With thrill rides, roller coasters, live entertainment, Boulder Beach waterpark and attractions for tiny tots, Silverwood is the place to be for family fun. As Halloween approaches, “Scarywood Theme Park” is also offering a host of haunted attractions—not for the faint of heart. (SH)


SILVER: Riverfront Park

BRONZE: Silver Mountain Resort


The Davenport Hotel

10 South Post Street,

The city’s only AAA, four diamond accommodation, The Davenport Hotel is a throw-back to Spokane’s gilded age. Originally completed in 1914, and now fully renovated, The Davenport welcomes guests into its rich history with exquisite ballrooms, real gold leaf, and 612 individual rooms. The Davenport also houses a restaurant, spa, candy shoppe and bookstore.(KC)

SILVER: Northern Quest Resort & Casino

BRONZE: Mirabeau Park Hotel & Convention Center

IDAHO: The Coeur d’Alene Resort



Tossed and Found

2607 North Monroe

Treasure hunters unite! Antiques and modern finds are waiting to be discovered at Tossed and Found. The name may sound a little on the trashy side, but the finds are fabulous. In addition, Tossed and Found has a ridiculous amount of Spokane memorabilia. (LR)

SILVER: Lillian Conn Antiques & Gallery


IDAHO: Vintage Rabbit Antique Mall


Saunder’s Cheese Market

610 W. Mallon Ste 419

Whether you’re looking for a creamy camembert, a rare guyre, a strong bleu or a simple medium cheddar, there is really only one place in Spokane you can count on to have what you need. Saunder’s Cheese, tucked into the Flour Mill, is a cheese connoisseurs heaven! (RS)

SILVER: Huckleberry’s Natural Market

BRONZE: Main Market Co-op


Chocolate Apothecary

621 W. Mallon Ave.,

Chocoholics, look no further. This well-stocked shop carries everything from local chocolatiers (Pixie Dust Chocolates, Little Henry’s) to Seattle-based favorites (Theo, Fran’s) to globe-trotting treats (Dolfin, Pacari and many more). Order a Spicy Mayan drinking chocolate—it’s rich and frothy, with a touch of heat. Chocolate with a kick—what’s not to like? (SH)


SILVER: Hallett’s Chocolates

BRONZE: See’s Candy

IDAHO: Coeur d’Alene Chocolates


Finders Keepers

18 W. Main Street,

Finders Keepers leaves no weepers! This dress boutique is Spokane’s go-to for women’s formal wear, including wedding, prom, homecoming and special occasion. Tantalizing accessories and hats are on hand to complete any look, and a friendly staff is committed to helping you get your glam on! (KC)

SILVER: Swank Boutique

BRONZE: Coco Boutique

IDAHO: Tiffany Blue House of Style


Plato’s Closet

5628 North Division Street,

Ever been tempted to raid your friend’s closet? Sure it’s not brand spanking new stuff, but its in pretty good shape and it’s just hanging there. Plato’s closet has that same draw, except with a much bigger selection. Better yet, for a fraction of what it cost new you can snag great garments and not give them back. (LR)

SILVER: Fringe & Fray

BRONZE: Sherry’s Second Choice Boutique

IDAHO: Dazzle


The Great Frame Up

Multiple locations,

As Spokane’s largest custom picture framing store, The Great Frame Up has built a strong reputation of providing quality framing and exceptional customer service. With three convenient locations around the city, the expert staff at The Great Frame Up are happy to help you with any of your framing needs. (RS)

SILVER: Frame of Mind

BRONZE: Lee Frame Shop

IDAHO: William Grant Gallery & Framing



Concept :: Home

401 W. 1st Ave.,

Concept :: Home (the contemporary counterpart to sister store The Tin Roof) can help you transform any interior from blah to fresh and forward-thinking. With quality furnishings, beautiful and quirky accessories, and a friendly staff, this boutique is a design lover’s dream. (SH)



BRONZE: The Tin Roof

IDAHO: Lakeshore Décor


Jacob’s Upholstery & Patio

16023 East Sprague Ave.,

A family-owned and operated business since 1959, Jacob’s Upholstery & Patio is all about keeping it in the family. Three brothers carry on the commitment to quality work, good value and word-of-mouth reputation instituted by their grandfather. The Jacobs’ business has now grown to encompass 16 craftsmen and offers premium patio, upholstery and window covering options in-store and online. (KC)

SILVER: Ennis Fine Furniture

BRONZE: Hartell’s Wicker & Rattan


The Tin Roof

1727 East Sprague Ave.,

The Tin Roof is addicting. Savvy shoppers could go through withdrawals if it’s been too long since their last fix. This locally owned furniture store has an intoxicating mix home furnishings and an abundance of fabulous accessories that you can’t find anywhere else. That and the inventory changes so much, you can’t just go once. (LR)

SILVER: Walker’s Furniture

BRONZE: Mor Furniture

IDAHO: Koerners Furniture


Mel’s Nursery

8800 North Division,

Mel’s Nursery started as a small fruit stand in North Spokane in 1970 and has now become the premier gardening and gift shop destination for the whole city. From seasonal plants, shrubs and flowers to clothing and home accents, Mel’s has it all! (RS)

SILVER: Ritters Florists and Nursery

BRONZE: Northwest Seed & Pet

IDAHO: Aspen Nursery



Boo Radley’s

232 N. Howard St.,

Pop culture with a wacky twist” is the tagline of the beloved Boo Radley’s, which boasts gifts and goods with more than a touch of quirk. Stop in to peruse books, action figures, hilarious greeting cards, and all manner of Spokane gear (“Spokanistan” or “Spokaloo” t-shirts, anyone?). (SH)


SILVER: Halpin’s Treasure Room

BRONZE: Mel’s Nursery

IDAHO: My Favorite Things


Jewelry Design Center

821 North Division Street,

Doug Toone has watched his baby grow from one small display case in 1977 to a 12,800 square foot jeweler extraordinaire. Today, Jewelry Design Center is recognized as the most innovative jeweler in the Northwest. Whether you’re looking for rings, diamonds, timepieces, jewelry or repair, Jewelry Design Center’s commitment to quality and elegance will leave you breathless. (KC)

SILVER: Finders Keepers

BRONZE: Pounders Jewelry

IDAHO: Cheryl Burchell Goldsmiths


William’s Seafood Market & Wines

2118 North Ruby Street,

We like the new digs. The new location gives the countless wine bottles room to spread out to be easily paired with the fresh seafood. The big crab sign, the new exposure and being more centrally accessible means this market isn’t the Valley’s best kept secret anymore. (LR)

SILVER: Regal Street Seafood

BRONZE: Egger’s Better Meats & Seafood

IDAHO: Fisherman’s Market & Grill



154 S. Madison,


SILVER: Calamity Jane’s Boutique

BRONZE: Vintage Vines Wine & Beer Shop

IDAHO: New York Bagel Cafe & Deli





DAA Northwest

2607 South Hayford Road,

Dings and dents meet their match at DAA Northwest Auto Body Center. Whether you’re looking for a restoration, repairs following a fender bender, or a top-notch detailing, the pros at DAA will get your vehicle up and running—and looking good. (SH)


SILVER: Ed’s Premier Auto Body

BRONZE: Nelson’s Towing, Repair, and Auto Body

IDAHO: Lake City Auto Body


Jennifer’s Auto Sales & Service

15020 East Sprague Ave.,

At Jennifer’s Auto Sales & Service, you can count on a full safety and service inspection on any used car, truck, or SUV. Extended warranties, low rates, and competitive pricing round out the bargain. Jennifer’s repair center is AAA Approved and ASE Certified for a full range of vehicle repairs. And of course, Jenifer’s low prices are guaranteed to save you green! (KC)

SILVER: Mechanics Pride Auto Repair

BRONZE: Action Auto & Boat Repair

IDAHO: Parker Toyota


Les Schwab Tires

Multiple locations,

These tire guys really do come running like knights with rolling tires to get you back on the road in lightening speed. Except when the first snowflakes falls. Our local weather people can predict it for weeks but one look at the lineup when the white stuff starts sticking and you’d think it took us by surprise. (LR)

SILVER: Perfection Tire

BRONZE: Tire-Rama

IDAHO: Best Tire & Auto


Wendle Motors

9000 North Division Street,

When it comes to buying used cars, Spokane residents have learned they can trust Wendle Motors. The staff are knowledgable, professional and go the extra mile to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. (RS)

SILVER: Jennifer’s Auto Sales & Service

BRONZE: Appleway

IDAHO: Dave Smith Motors




8500 E. Sprague Ave., www.

Looking for reliable new wheels? With an encyclopedic inventory of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs (Acuras, Audis, Chevrolets, Hondas, Subarus, Toyotas, Volkswagons, and the list goes on…), chances are Appleway’s got the keys to your next ride. (SH)


SILVER: Wendle Motors

BRONZE: Larry H. Miller

IDAHO: Dave Smith Frontier Sales & Service



Sam Rodell

159 South Lincoln Street, Suite 222,

As a residential architect, Sam Rodell’s work reflects a creative marriage between his client’s desires and the environment at hand. He possesses numerous degrees in architecture, and is well-regarded for project management skills and integrity. Clients assert Rodell can virtually read and then transcribe their lofty imaginations into reality.(KC)

SILVER: ALSC Architects

BRONZE: Nystrom + Olson Architecture

IDAHO: Miller Stauffer Architects


Fery’s Catering

421 South Crowley Street,

Everybody needs a fairy caterer that makes them look brilliant. In the kitchen, Fery’s is it. This delicious-dish -creating caterer handles it all, from lavish events to family dinners. Do you cringe a bit when someone asks for the recipe? Just say only the Fery’s know for sure, and serve them seconds. (LR)

SILVER: Beacon Hill

BRONZE: Charley’s Catering Company

IDAHO: Greenbriar Inn


Houk Chiropractic

9720 N Nevada Street,

Houk Chiropractic strives to help their clients meet all of their physical goals. Through a careful examination and a recommended treatment program, they help people get back on the road to recovery through expert advice, self-help exercises and a commitment to achieving results. (RS)

SILVER: Valente Chiropractic

BRONZE: Sicilia Chiropractic

IDAHO: Hayden Lake Chiropractic



Ken Collins, DDS

3151 E. 28th Ave., and 507 N Sullivan Rd. Suite 2,

Maybe your coffee habit has tinted your teeth a less-than-dazzling white? Maybe you’ve got a gap that’s less disarming and more alarming? Whatever the situation, repeat cosmetic dentistry winner Ken Collins can up the wattage of your smile. (SH)


SILVER: Stephanie Combs, DDS

BRONZE: Richard Weigand, DDS

IDAHO: Avondale Dental Center


Spokane Teachers Credit Union

Multiple Branches,

STCU offers convenient online banking and billpay, as well as free checking, and their First5 Savings Account pays the highest available interest rate on the first $500 deposited. Investment options include money market accounts, IRAs and certificates. Friendly tellers and staff are merely icing on the cake.(KC)

SILVER: Numerica Credit Union

BRONZE: Global Credit Union

IDAHO: Potlatch Federal Credit Union


Five Mile Pet Clinic

6825 North Country Homes Blvd.,

AAHA accredited with the highest standards in veterinary practice and pet care, Five Mile Pet Clinic is open 6 days a week to offer comprehensive health care for your cat and dog. Services include diagnostics, vaccinations, preventative and internal medicine, surgery, oncology, and dentistry. Five Mile hosts three experienced veterinarians, a warm staff, and an above-and-beyond attitude that keeps clients, and their pets, coming back.(KC)

SILVER: Garland Animal Clinic

BRONZE: Fairwood Animal Hospital

IDAHO: Kootenai Animal Hospital


Liberty Park Florist & Greenhouse

1401 East Newark Avenue,

Sometimes bigger is better, because Liberty Park is the largest florist and you voted it the best. This full-service family owned and operated business has been blooming since 1929. No, it’s not wrong to send flowers to yourself. Just be sure to act surprised when they’re delivered. (LR)

SILVER: Just Roses Plus

BRONZE: Appleway Florist & Greenhouses

IDAHO: Flowers by Paul


Washington Trust Bank

Multiple locations,

Since 1902, Washington Trust Bank has been providing its customers with exceptional customer service and a bank they can trust. With 40 locations around the Pacific Northwest, Washington Trust is able to offer their customers the flexibility and conveniences of a larger institution with the friendliness of a small town bank. They are the best by far; that you can bank on!(RS)

SILVER: Bank of America


IDAHO: Mountain West Bank



State Farm

Multiple locations;

A lack of insurance, whether it’s auto, life, homeowners or health, is enough to keep a person up at night. If you find yourself in this boat, you need a good neighbor to help out. Thank goodness, like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! Cover your bases with best insurance winner State Farm and rest easy—no matter what life sends your way. (SH)


SILVER: Farmer’s Insurance

BRONZE: American Family Insurance


Brooke M. Cloninger, DDS.

2001 East 29th Ave.,

Remember those red colored tablets that would show how well you did or didn’t brush? Well your dentist can tell the moment you open wide. To make sure your grin looks its best, see Brooke to care for your pearly whites. And don’t forget to floss. (LR)

SILVER: Ken Collins, DDS

BRONZE: Richard Weigand, DDS

IDAHO: Timothy LaBrosse, DDS


Rockwood Clinic

Multiple locations,

The Rockwood Clinic was founded under the principles of providing compassionate, comprehensive and integrated care for patients in the Inland Northwest, ideals that still define the company today. Rockwood is a multi-specialty provider with over 32 local locations, including Deaconess Hospital and Valley Hospital. (RS)

SILVER: Sacred Heart Medical Center

BRONZE: Group Health Medical Center

IDAHO: Kootenai Medical Center


Weight Watchers

With over 45 years of experience, WeightWatchers is time-tested and proven to assist in weight loss and weight management. Years of scientific research and study have yielded a balanced approach incorporating smart eating and exercise. With at least seven groups in the greater Spokane area, the opportunity and support to live well are at your fingertips!(KC)

SILVER: Isagenix

BRONZE: Nutrisystem

IDAHO: Surgical Bariatrics Northwest


Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery

1004 East 8th Ave.,

This safe haven cares for thousands of children, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to providing safely for Spokane’s at-risk children, they also counsel and strengthen families. You can support this important charity by volunteering, donating, attending The Pumpkin Ball or shopping at Santa Express. (LR)

SILVER: Second Harvest

BRONZE: Union Gospel Mission

IDAHO: Hospice of North Idaho




1314 S Grand Blvd.,

The interior of Savory Restaurant on the South Hill manages to combine a sleek urban atmosphere with a distinct Northwest flavor. The wood beams, open floor plan and chic lighting create a warm and inviting place for patrons to enjoy their meal. (RS)

SILVER: Twig’s Bistro & Martini Bar

BRONZE: Thai Bamboo

IDAHO: Beverly’s at the Coeur d’Alene Resort



Berry Built and Design

204 S. Koren Rd., www.

Some of us thrive in the kitchen, making dinner every night and hosting everything from Thanksgiving dinners to Taco Tuesdays. And some of us use our ovens as storage for out-of-season clothes. Regardless, a beautiful, functional kitchen is any home’s greatest selling point. Berry Built can bring out the best in yours. (SH)


SILVER: Huntwood Custom Cabinets

BRONZE: The Kitchen Place

IDAHO: Boettcher Design + Color


Land Expressions

5615 East Day Mount Spokane Rd.,

Committed to sustaining natural resources and enhancing the natural environment, Land Expressions creates beautiful and functional landscapes for their clients to enjoy. Attention to detail and experienced design have fueled a 25-year legacy of excellence. Projects range from design to instruction, and include residential, commercial, outdoor and entertainment, and pool and spa needs.(KC)

SILVER: Clearwater Summit Group

BRONZE: Legacy Landscapes

IDAHO: Landmark Landscape Architects


Revival Lighting

14 West Main Avenue Spokane,WA.

Lighten up in style. This bright shop specializes in vintage and period lighting and is often called upon for accuracy in historical restorations. Let this well-lit store light up your life. (LR)

SILVER: Evergreen Lighting

BRONZE: Carr Sales

IDAHO: Idaho Lights


McVay Brothers Siding & Windows

11420 E. Montgomery Dr.,

Since 1933, the McVay Family has been providing siding for families in the Inland Northwest. Their attention to detail, commitment to customer service and passion for enhancing the look of local homes is the reason they have been in business for three generations and what makes them a company Spokane trusts! (RS)

SILVER: Clear Brothers Siding & Windows

BRONZE: Morris Clark Siding & Roofing

IDAHO: Lifetime Roofing & Siding



Spokane Roofing Company

130 E. Sprague Ave.,

Leave the precarious ladder climbing and wall scaling to the pros: when your home or business needs new insulation, re-sheeting, or a complete roof replacement, Spokane Roofing Company (in business for an impressive 105 years) has you covered. Literally. (SH)


SILVER: McVay Brothers Siding & Windows

BRONZE: Perrenoud Roofing Inc.

IDAHO: Lifetime Roofing and Siding


Mario & Son

2750 North Eagle Lane,

The largest fabricator of granite, marble and Silestone in the Northwest, Mario & Sons combine traditional by-hand methods of stone cutting with advanced technology. With true artisanship and over 20 years of family experience, they provide the materials necessary to bring sophistication to kitchen and bath countertops, water wall creations, fireplaces and more. Competitive pricing insures you won’t break the bank.(KC)

SILVER: RW Gallion Incorporated

BRONZE: Granite Transformations

IDAHO: Gargoyle Granite & Marble


California Closets

3808 North Sullivan Rd.,

It’s time to get organized, and this place can help. We’ve all seen their ads with the perfectly organized closets, and though they may be nearly impossible to achieve, it definitely can be something to strive for. (LR)

SILVER: Cabinet Systems

BRONZE: The Closet Guys


Great Floors

Multiple locations,

What started in the 1970s as a carpet peddler selling carpet from the back of his car has now become one of the Pacific Northwest’s top floor specialists. Great Floors services commercial, retail and builder markets, striving to offer the best possible product for the best possible price. (RS)

SILVER: Northwest Trends of Spokane

BRONZE: United Floor Covering

IDAHO: Panhandle Carpet One Floor & Home



Huntwood Custom Cabinets

23800 E. Appleway Ave.,

Whether their tastes are clean and modern, French country or corporate chic, Spokanites know they can rely on Huntwood’s 20-plus years of experience. This environmentally-friendly company started in Spokane in 1988, and now it provides custom cabinetry all over the world. (SH)


SILVER: Affordable Custom Cabinets

BRONZE: Berry Built and Design

IDAHO: Tapley Cabinet Works


McVay Brothers Siding & Windows

11420 East Montgomery Dr.,

McVay Brothers Siding & Windows has been a Spokane employee- and family-owned fixture since 1933. Three generations of excellence have supplied homeowners with attractive and functional windows, siding, doors, roofing, raingutters, and insulation. Customer loyalty and satisfaction can be attributed to professional installation, warm customer service, and the assurance they are working for you.(KC)

SILVER: Pella Windows & Doors

BRONZE: VPI Quality Windows

IDAHO: Coeur d’Alene Window Company


Gold Seal Plumbing

5524 East Boone Ave.,

When things get backed up, sometimes the DIY method can make matters worse. But whenever you do decide to reach out to an expert, it’s essential to know who to call. Make sure they have a Gold Seal, which is like a gold star for clogs. (LR)

SILVER: Nobelman’s Plumbing

BRONZE: Jerry’s Plumbing and Heating

IDAHO: Aqua Tech Plumbing



Multiple locations,

Sherwin-Williams is not only one of the largest paint producers in the United States, but also the entire world. The brand has established itself as a paint and coating company people can trust. Local Sherwin-William’s stores offer Spokane residents a world-renowned paint product with small town customer service. (RS)

SILVER: Miller Paint

BRONZE: Wahl Paint Center






Triple L Talent Agency

Triple L is the Inland Northwest’s go-to talent agency, providing actors and background extras for everything from film and commercials to voice-overs to murder mystery parties. Their impressive roster includes diversely talented actors, singers, dancers—and even clowns! (SH)


SILVER: Big Fish

BRONZE: PJ & CO Models


Spokane Civic Theatre

1020 North Howard Street,

The Spokane Civic Theatre, incorporated in 1947, is a nationally recognized non-profit community theatre. An academy and summer camps allow students of all ages to learn the skills, theory and performance of the theatre, and local volunteers direct and act in seasonal productions. The Spokane Civic Theatre’s winter production of White Christmas will run November 16 – December 21.(KC)

SILVER: Interplayers Theatre

BRONZE: Christian Youth Theater

IDAHO: Lake City Playhouse


The Davenport Hotel

10 South Post Street,

Every princess needs a palace and if you’re in the market for one for your big day, The Davenport is the grandest one in all the land. This castle is complete with an accommodating staff to attend to everything. Oh, and it has a spa in the dungeon. (LR)

SILVER: Arbor Crest Wine Cellars’ Cliff House

BRONZE: The Glover Mansion

IDAHO: The Coeur d’Alene Resort


The Glover Mansion

321 W. 8th Ave.,

The Glover Mansion is a Spokane landmark. Built in 1888, by famed architect Kirtland Cutter for James Glover, this beautifully restored mansion maintains all the character of a historic building, with the conveniences of a modern facility. It can host intimate events or groups as large as 275. (RS)

SILVER: The Davenport Hotel

BRONZE: Arbor Crest Wine Cellars’ Estate

IDAHO: The Coeur d’ Alene Resort




621 W. Mallon Ave.,

The rich and inviting interior, great location, and classic dishes have made Clinkerdagger a perpetual favorite with Spokanites. Ask for a cozy table for two and admire the view of the Spokane River and city skyline—if you can pry your eyes from your significant other. (SH)


SILVER: The Melting Pot

BRONZE: Anthony’s at Spokane Falls

IDAHO: Beverly’s at the Coeur d’Alene Resort


Ballet Arts Academy

109 West Pacific Ave.,

The Ballet Arts Academy is Spokane’s premier ballet and modern dance school, offering a full range of ballet classes organized on a trimester system. Classes span from beginning to advanced skill levels; Mimi Ewers, of Honduras, serves as the Academy’s artistic director. Winter performances of The Nutcracker will run December 6 – 9.(KC)

SILVER: Academy of Dance

BRONZE: Dance Center of Spokane

IDAHO: Coeur d’Alene School of Ballet



Oz Fitness

Multiple locations,

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy discovers that it was she who had the power all along. It’s the same with getting and staying in shape: you have the magic to transform your physique, maintain good heath and live your best life. The great Oz Fitness is there to help you realize it. (LR)

SILVER: YMCA of the Inland Northwest

BRONZE: CrossFit Spokane

IDAHO: The Salvation Army Kroc Center


Jaazz Salon

108 N. Washington Street,

If you’re looking for a reason why Jaazz Salon has been placed in the Top 200 List by national magazine, Salon Today, all you need to do is ask one of their happy customers. The staff are highly trained in current hair trends, the customer service is top notch and the salon experience from start to finish can’t be beat. (RS)

SILVER: Dimensions Salon

BRONZE: 14th & Grand Salon

IDAHO: Fratelli Salon



Famous Nails

Multiple locations

Our readers trust their fingers and toes to the local pros at Famous Nails. If you weren’t blessed with a steady painting hand—or if you just want to treat yourself to a luxurious mani-pedi—head to one of Famous Nails multiple locations. (SH)


SILVER: Foxy Nails

BRONZE: Mai Nails



BrickHouse Massage & Coffee Bar

14222 East Sprague Ave.,

A cozy combination of spa relaxation and an in-house coffee bar make BrickHouse the perfect escape from stress and busy schedules. Licensed male and female technicians and therapists are available for massage, body/facial, waxing and nail treatments amid a relaxing atmosphere of local art, a sunroom, and coffee treats. Reservations recommended. (KC)

SILVER: Elements Therapeutic Massage

BRONZE: Spinal and Sports Care Clinic

IDAHO: Body Tech Massage and Wellness


Ajuva Medical Spa

9425 North Nevada Street,

Skin is like the giftwrap for your brain and body. You should handle yours with care. At Ajuva, they specialize in skin care. Whether you need a buff and polish or total tune up, they’ve got your cover. (LR)

SILVER: Advanced Aesthetics

BRONZE: Advanced Dermatology

IDAHO: North Idaho Dermatology


Spa Paradiso

Kendall Yards,

Spa Paradiso built a strong reputation for providing the very best in spa services for over 10 years at their long time home in The Davenport Hotel. The spa has recently moved to a new location at Kendall Yards. The hardest part of the move for dedicated patrons will be waiting until December 2012 for doors to open again. (RS)

SILVER: La Rive Spa & Salon

BRONZE: BrickHouse Massage & Coffee Bar

IDAHO: The Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa




Sunny Buns Tanning Salon & Spa

2821 E. 27th Ave.,

Sun those buns with the help of repeat winner Sunny Buns Tanning Salon and Spa. If UV-free is more your style, check out the “sunless” sessions. This South Hill shop also offers permanent makeup, nail services, massages and haircuts, color and styling. (SH)


SILVER: Coconutz Tanning Spa

BRONZE: Palm Beach Tan

IDAHO: Hawaiian Sun Suntan Center & Day Spa